If you are wondering how to:

Still the storm within and understand why your emotions feel like they’re taking over...

If you are feeling stuck, fatigued or exhausted in the journey of life…

If you wish to enhance your leadership skills and connect with your team or family better…

You’ve come to the right coach!

Inner healing coaching is about addressing the “stuff" happening on the inside so you may function from a whole and healed heart. What’s happening within eventually flows out and acknowledging, processing and receiving healing of our emotions leads to a healthy, joyful and rested heart. This makes you a better leader, partner, friend and overall human!

One on One


Full hour coaching session

Coaching summary report


3 Session "Heart Reset" Program

Run over two months max.

3 1-hour inner healing coaching sessions

2-week follow-up window after session

Coaching summary report


6 Session “Soul Detox and Reset” Program

Run over 2 months max.

6 1-hour inner healing coaching sessions

3-week follow-up window after session

Coaching summary report

Three tier program:

> Pause | Stop | Play


Soul Detox and Reset Program




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Eva Leparakuo

CEO & Founder
We are

Experienced & Passionate

Hi, I’m Eva, thank you for popping in and welcome to Healing Spaces!

Over the years, I have been drawn to providing solutions that deal with heart matters.

Whether whilst climbing the corporate ladder or within my social circles, I loved to bring wholeness within teams and individual hearts.

After a steep climb up the corporate ladder over a ten-year period, I crushed! I had focused on wholeness for others but forgot me!

This took me on a three-year inner healing journey with a Christian ministry school from 2015 to 2018 across the UK and Australia. I went back to factory settings; exploring my identity and purpose.

I had simply not been doing my inner work well and my self-care had been nonexistent and it had cost me! However, this dark and turbulent time of burnout and depression turned out to be my saving grace as I recalibrated to what I call; back to centre.

Thus, I have a passion to see you flourishing and whole! Burnout takes a lot of precious time to recover from, so take it from me, self-care and inner work are paramount to your health!

Invest in the same now rather than when your body can’t take the strain anymore and begins to hit the shutdown button! The years of the corporate lifestyle with little work-life balance and a sleep disorder that kept me awake in the night and exhausted in the day took its toll.

Today, I love creating 'safe spaces' that allow brave communication, authentic connection, healing, creativity and innovation to flow. I love to see my clients get the “aha” moments, breathe in a new lease of hope and life and spring forth into their future with renewed clarity and vision. The future is always bright!


Group Coaching and Workshops

Group coaching is available if you would like to travel together as a group in exploring inner healing, purpose, and destiny.

These group sessions are powerful because as you intentionally choose to connect deeply; healing flows, dreams are reignited and vision regained. within a group setting, accountability is setup in a vulnerable yet safe and loving environment.

The group celebrate the wins together, hold each other through the dips and valleys and aim towards the mountain top, always calling out the gold in each other!

My years in the corporate world fostered a deep love for working with leaders and building healthy teams.

I love to see leaders fulfilled, pouring out from rested hearts and teams functioning powerfully as a well-oiled unit.

From a leader who has experienced anxiety and burnout, my passion is to see individuals not get there! Having experienced toxic leadership that was shattering within both corporate and Christian ministry settings, I long to help leaders lead holistically and have tools to “fix” the “soft” issues that affect their overall team wellness and productivity.

At Healing Spaces, we:

  • Work with you to evaluate your team health. Toxic teams or teams with poor connection and communication struggle with sustained productivity. This can lead to a high turnover as team members leave and results in many wasted training and investment hours. Overall, the bottom line is affected when you don’t honour and manage individuals and their wellbeing.
  • Use creativity and play techniques to foster innovation, team unity and wellness.
  • Address the “whole” team; the team culture and ethos, existing vision and strategy’
  • Go Deep! For the “Go Deep” package, each team member gets a personal 1:1 Clarity coaching session that will explore their hopes, dreams and inner healing needs. Healthy souls lead to healthy productive teams! We customise your teams’ discovery and healing journey.
  • We explore your pain points and create holistic coaching and workshops to get you back on your feet; communicating and collaborating effectively towards your team vision!

Group Coaching Packages

1. Recalibrate:

This is perfect for teams that need to reconnect, relearn and re-envision. It’s for:

  • Teams wishing to be more unified and productive
  • Reigniting vision and purpose within the team
  • Leaders taking over new teams or teams that have suffered toxic leadership

2. Go deep!

This is perfect for teams and groups who are “ALL IN!”. What does this mean? All masks off so you can swim harder, faster, and further! This package includes:

Day 1:

  • 1 full-day or half-day (for a team of less than 5) of coaching in identifying where you are vs where you want to be

Day 2:

  • Team strategy session
  • 1:1 inner healing sessions for group members
  • Group inner healing and emotional wholeness session

3. Back to Centre (Faith based version)

The hard truth is that we can get wounded hardest and deepest within the church or working in a Christian ministry. In these religious settings that we wish to honour, we often feel guilty in admitting we have been wounded, struggle to call out spiritual abuse and begin to die on the inside.


We begin to get jaded about God and His people and simply hit autopilot and just “serve”! Staying within a spiritually abusive environment will damage your health and eventually your relationship with yourself, others and God!


Are you finding bouts of depression and heaviness rising within yourself? book in for 1:1 coaching and we will go deep.


Are you seeing anxiety rise within your team or have you been handed a team that has been brutally affected by a previous toxic leader and need to heal? Book a group session!


Control, manipulation and domination are rampant within the spiritual circles and even within the leadership structures.


You will spot this as team members begin to feel a sense of lack of clarity, muzzling and soon they “lose their voice” and become silent servants. This means poor service, poor health, poor productivity and a general poor reflection of the Kingdom of God to the world!


Ok, enough said…you can tell I am extremely passionate about this one; this package is specifically crafted for Church and Christian ministry teams or Christian organisations that wish to:


Function better as a team
Learn tools to create a spiritually open and safe, work and serving environment
Heal together from spiritual abuse and toxic leadership
Live Kingdom principles and stop playing “church!”


Learn to connect deeply and authentically. All masks off! (God doesn’t heal masks)
Create healthier communication and customer service strategies


This package is tailor-made and can run between 1 and 3 days, depending on the condition of the team.


Clients Testimonials

Along with four other participants, I recently attended a Healing Spaces workshop led by Eva.

I knew I was in safe hands with Eva because, over the past few years, she has passionately pursued opportunities to develop a deep intimate relationship with God which has resulted in her receiving personal healing and experiencing greater freedom. She has also developed confidence to speak sensitively and prophetically into the lives of others.

I loved the structure of this retreat. Before the retreat, each participant prepared a vision board, and this was used as a prophetic instrument to hear from God. As a group we prayed over each vision board and lovingly described what God showed us, I found this experience very comforting and affirming. As we dived deep into the pictures, then narrowed down to one specific picture, I felt loved, safe and challenged as Eva and the other participants discerned what God was telling me about His future plans for me. I left the workshop feeling immensely blessed, with renewed confidence and encouragement to take brave new steps in my journey with the Lord.

I can promise you that Healing Spaces is a safe intimate space where you are free to be authentic and real. You can trust Eva with your deepest secrets – she is prayerful, sensitive, discerning, and loving – with a deep desire to call out the very best in her participants. Be Brave! Go for it! Sign up for a Healing Spaces Workshop,1:1 coaching or retreat. You won’t regret it. You have nothing to lose! We all carry wounds – life wounds us – and often we become stuck. Get unstuck – become the person God intends you to be!

I will look back on this retreat as being a key milestone in my own personal journey in becoming more intimately connected with our creator. I pray you will be equally blessed.


Carol Barton

“Eva made me feel instantly relaxed and safe. She has incredible gifts of wisdom, facilitation, discernment, and a huge heart of compassion and empathy. I felt a definite internal shift happen in the session, and also feel so equipped with the tools to continue the healing journey. I’m so grateful to have met such an incredible coach”

Kat Millar
Founder of Amplify Your Influence

Eva is an incredibly powerful, effective and intuitive coach. Her methods are refreshingly gentle and filled with deep wisdom. In sessions, she guides you to what you most need to tackle, ending with a clear way forward of the necessary next action steps. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have Eva’s awesome guidance.

Jeli Wahito Nawaqavou

The healing spaces event – “Begin Again”, was brilliant. It was an open, honest and relaxed session where I was free to be myself while being vulnerable with other participants, even though I was meeting some of them for the very first time. The session was so good that I did not want it to end, which is why I could hardly wait to join the next healing spaces event on “Reset”.

Fatima Yakubu