How Can you support us?

At Healing Spaces, we are passionate about giving back.

We give back via pro bono coaching hours and discounted access to 1:1 coaching, retreats and workshops.
We are passionate about family, building stability (financial, social, emotional) and overall soul prosperity.

To support those who support soul prosperity and emotional wellbeing, if you work in full time Christian ministry and can’t afford to pay for coaching, please get in touch.

We would like to offer a % off for you as you work to heal others.

To support family, we are passionate about providing access to rest, coaching and whatever we can to primary care givers.

If you are in a high stress related environment and caring for a loved one or people, please give us a call and we see what’s available.

Partnering with Healing Spaces:

If you wish to support Healing Spaces so we can reach more, you can do so as below:

These secure spaces on upcoming workshops or for 1:1 coaching for those who either wish to take part and can’t afford to or are in the missionary field and receive discounted or free access

We still have various pending projects to get Healing spaces to where we need it to be. We are in the process of enhancing our website, creating a team and so on. These donations cover the administrative and business costs that can then allow Healing Spaces to grow and impact more efficiently and effectively.

Your gifts and talents are of great value. Get in touch with us if you feel you may be able to offer a skill that Healing Spaces may benefit from or to go on a training program to be part of the support team who minister on workshops and assist with admin and co-hosting. We would be honoured to have you journey with us.

We will be running wellness retreats throughout the year. If you have access to peaceful spaces/workshop or retreat areas and can offer the same at discounted rates, kindly get in touch.

Gems of Wisdom Network is a Global Kingdom Network that Healing Spaces is part of. We wish to build a global directory of Kingdom minded individuals so we may partner and grow together in the marketplace.

The same will offer skill swap opportunities and mentorship programs. Our goal is to build a robust network of Kingdom minded individuals who wish to operate with excellence and impact.

If you wish to have your profile featured in our upcoming directory, kindly get in touch and we will forward through the necessary short form to fill in and also more details on this awesome project! We are stronger and wiser together and as a body we will go further, faster together!

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    Become a better leader, partner, friend and overall human!


    Inner healing coaching, or in simple terms; emotional wholeness coaching is about addressing the “stuff" happening on the inside so you may function from a whole and healed heart.


    Healing Spaces Workshops have a common denominator; a safe and serene setting where guests can shut out the noise of the world, exhale from the busyness of life and inhale some rest and some personal reflection time.


    Our passion is to gather women together to network and create thriving partnerships through networking workshops.

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